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Massage Cupping in Kirkland

Massage cupping involves the placement of cups on various points of the body. The cups create a vacuum or negative pressure, pulling muscle tissue upwards. The cups may be static or moved. Cupping can help open up adhesions (“knots”) and scar tissue more gently and efficiently than standard methods.

Cupping increases local circulation. By pulling the tissue away from the underlying structure, cupping helps to create space. This helps to improve localized blood vessel and lymph circulation. This may allow for more efficient nutrient exchange and waste removal. The pulling action of the cups also stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which promotes relaxation.

There is some evidence which suggests that cupping may also improve the immune response, release joint stiffness by increasing synovial fluid secretion, and promote metabolism of the skin.

Athletes commonly use cupping for more efficient recovery and to help maintain full range of motion.

Massage cupping commonly leaves a mark that looks like a bruise. However, prevailing theory suggests that the mark may be cellular debris that has accumulated in the area. In an area of chronic tightness, our body’s ability to deliver nutrients and take away cellular waste and toxins may be inhibited. It is generally thought that cupping is simply pulls it toward the surface. Over time, the marks dissipate as the material is resorbed by the body. The marks tend to decrease, both in intensity and duration, the more frequently someone receives cupping.

Massage cupping is an effective tool for treating muscle related problems. I am excited to utilize this modality to help you better reach your wellness goals!

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