Dr. Penry specializes in spinal rehabilitation.

Dr. Penry has found that when specific exercises are employed by patients in the office and at home, a person can improve the speed and fullness of their recovery from a health problem.

Once a person starts to feel better from their injury or health problem they will typically be ready for spinal rehabilitation. That is the active portion of their care where they help with or take over their healing.

There are several tools we can recommend for this process depending on a personís individual needs and condition.

Some of the most common tools are:

Wobble Chair - This is an in office exercise performed before or after adjustments to improve mobility at the segmental level of the spine, increase hydration of the spine, and reduce pain.

Neck traction - This is a self directed, safe and effective way to stretch the neck in ways a person canít do on their own. This can be very powerful at restoring curvature and proper posture in the upper back and neck as well as having all the benefits of the wobble chair, just higher up in the spine.

Spinal Molding - This is where a person lies over a neck or back, foam fulcrum for a period of time, usually a minimum of 20 minutes. This creates a ďcreepĒ effect with the spinal ligaments in order to adopt a more ideal and healthy spinal alignment.

Core Exerecises -These are specific spinal exercises performed over the foam fulcrums. This is done to strengthen the spine in a more ideal position (assuming a personís spine is out of itís ideal position).