Our Patients Speak

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I had seen a chiropractor in the past, had good results for my back and I decided it was time to get tuned up. Dr. Penry quickly found out as well that I had an old surgically repaired knee that had ben constantly bothering me with fairly intense pain for 2 years. I had tried exercise, stair master, and biking to help my knee with no help. I used Ibuprofen to conrol theswelling. I was told by the state that I now had a 10% permanent disability because of my knee, I did not want to acceptthat! After a short time of Dr. Penry adjusting my back and knee I was able to climb the south side of Mt. St. Helens! I am not a mountaineer to begin with and I had reservations of being able to climb to the summit becase of my knee. I approached the climb with cautiousness, but low and behold I made it to the top and almost no pain in my knee. OK, I admit to a few blisters and my muscles hurt, but my recovery was what I would consider very fast. No, I decided mountainering isn't in my future, but knowing there is a way to help my knee I feel like I conquered more than one mountain!

- Ron B

Since my mid twenties, I've had low back problems, knee and groin issues, as well. Athletic activity has always been important to me and for years I've been motivated to solve the problems. I've tried most of the traditional modalities and treatments. Orthopedics, Podiatrists, sports medicine, massage, physical therapy, stretching clinics, yoga, strength training, and yes chirorpactic. All helped in some small way, however the benefit was temporary and expensive. There is nothing like a solid mid life crisis to jar a guy into a new attitude. About two years ago I switched chioropractors, not for any specific reason other than hoping for more success with my symptoms. Dr. Penry's approach was significantly different in that he treats the whole person, rather than just the daily symptoms. I learned from him there are many causes of physical pain and if a person is to achieve improved long term health the patient must be motivated and open to looking at all aspects of their life and be willing to change behaviors and thought processes that are destructive to health.
The short course is this; When you're genuinely happy and are living a fulfilling life that is in harmony with your hearts intentions, you will most likely be healthy including having good chiropractic health. Dr. Penry often refers to his adjustments as a tune up. I've found his job is much like a mechanic, in that your body is a sophisticated machine; you need to do your part to use it properly by living a full and happy life, maintaining good physical health with proper nutrition and exercise and by seeing the mechanic on a periodic basis to keep the nervous system running smoothly. This is the type of guidance Dr. Penry will offer. The results are yours to have if you are motivated to get there. I've transformed myself from an aging, degenerating, stress-filled and unhappy guy to a man in the best physical shape of my life and a man who is just thrilled to be alive and wanting to contribute all I can to my family, co-workers and company, my community and the world. This is my experience, yours will be different, maybe even better. Give Dr. Penry and chiropractic a try. Something remarkable may happen.

-Lou W.

"After a few sessions with Dr. Penry I have been able to tap into a great store of energy, have greater mobility, balance and stability. Chiropractic care is now an integral part of my health maintenance." Chris B.

"I came to Dr. Penry's New Patient Orientation, which increased my awareness of Chiropractic. After a few visits the alignment of my spine improved, my breathing became easier, and I don't snore anymore. I have a sense of well-being." Don A.

"Now that I have experienced chiropractic care, I recommend it for everyone who wants to stay in good health. You can spend so much money on medication, but in the end it doesn't last like chiropractic care." Kristin S.

"Chiropractic is working. I have less pain, feel stronger and more integrated. I trust Dr. Penry." Deborah M.

"Dr. Penry has a long term approach towards the body, instead of just dealing with one part. His approach is long lasting." Ivan S.

"When I first came to Dr. Penry, my lower back was a mess and my posture rivaled that of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. After a few months of chiropractic care and rehab, my posture has evolved greatly and I am on my way to becoming the PINNACLE OF CHIROPRACTIC PERFECTION." Bill S.

"A Five Star Office." Helen Mc.