Dr. Penry specializes in posture correction.

After 10 years of practice Dr. Penry found that he could get great results with helping people to feel better and get over all manners of diseases but that there must be something more.

Dr. Penry found that when specific exercises were employed by patients in the office and at home, a person could improve the posture or underlying spinal structure even more than with "traditional" chiropractic techniques alone.

The result was that patients posture would improve and reduce the stress of gravity on their spine. The result was a person would hold there adjustments and their health stronger and longer than before.

Conditions like scoliosis once thought not to respond without drastic medical intervention are now being corrected conservatively through Dr. Penry's care.

If you are curious to know how your posture is and if there is something more you can do to improve it, call Dr. Penry's office for an appointment to get your complimentary posture check, you will be glad you did.

Dr. Penry and Staff