What is unique about Dr. Penry?

What sets Dr. Penry apart from other doctors is that he has a true passion for helping individuals to be their healthiest and he truly believes 100% in the effetiveness of the care he delivers. Dr. Penry will stop at nothing to ensure that a person's healing ability's are fully working. He has been known to keep a person in the office for an hour or more(with their consent of course) if he felt the person needed it to hold their adjustment(restore and maintain their healing ability) that day. He has made house calls, hospital calls, you name it, if that's what it took, and a person was willing, to get healing again.

Dr. Penry is the ultimate optimist. He always believes their is a possibility for health at any time and that their is always a chance for someone to get better even when all hope seems lost, if he finds they have an interference to their normal healing process.

Dr. Penry uses a variety of techniques to achieve your health goal. Dr. Penry is well versed in traditional adjusting, light force instrument adjusting, postural correction, and energy techniques. You are welcome to request a technique or what works best is let Dr. Penry determine what you need that day and do it, you will get better.

Dr. Penry's goal on each of your visits to the office is to have your body completely open and functioning 100%! That doesn't mean that you will feel 100% right away but what it does mean is that the stage is set for you to heal competely.

If you have any questions about a specific challenge or if Dr. Penry can help, do not hesitate to e-mail or call. That's what he is here for.